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Nutrition for our pets is extremely important and it's a minefield - Here are a few common complaints and some top tips on how to overcome the issues and selecting what products to buy

Common Problems:

"My dog is very fussy - I have to keep changing his food to get him to eat it because I think that he gets bored! "
Believe it or not this is a very common complaint from pet owners. Unlike cats, dogs will not starve themselves, so if you are having this problem one of the reasons can be that the food does not make him feel well. What do I mean ... well, they are quick to eat the new food because it is different. But this is short lived, because he soon finds that he feels the same effects as he did with the previous food and so stops eating it.

"My cat is bulimic! She is sick straight after I feed her"
Supermarket (I use the term for most mass-produced products that are found in our supermarkets) are made from animal derivatives and water.  In order for the cat to enjoy the taste, it is also full of additives and this is what makes the cats sick.  Good quality products that are full of real meat and are free from preservatives and additives should sort this common problem out!

"My dog is really itchy and has sore patches on her paws and backs of her legs"
This is obviously an allergy and food can play a big part. In particular we have found food with grain, additives, colourants and sometimes oils can play their role in this common problem. Vets are quick to hand out the steroids, our advice is cut out the above, used a supermarket antihistamine for a bit and see what happens. We have had great results and once you can find out what the allergy is, stay away from all those mass-produced products.

"I have been on this really expensive dog food because my breeder uses it, the vet recommends it, and it has a Royal seal of approval!"
Don't be duped by great marketing! There are brands out there that are supposedly designed for your dog or cat's breed. The Vet College is sponsored by well known pet food manufacturers who use animal derivatives and fillers and a lot of salt for taste. Before you feed your pet, look at the ingredients and think to yourself - would I eat that!! If you wouldn't then why would you give it to your best friend?

"I can't afford £33 for 12kg of dry food, when I can get 15kg for £12!"
Remember, cheap food is cheap for a reason! But don't worry, as the ingredients improves, yes the price goes up, but, also as the ingredients improve you feed a lot less!!! The higher the protein level of real meat content (not derivatives), the less you need and you will be shocked at how little you feed, and how small the poo becomes! So not only does it become cheaper - on average cost of 90p per day for an average dog - but you won't have so much to pick up either! And it will be solid!!