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Da Management


Liz Chislett-Milne

07736 877476

Liz founded the business in 2012 following her passion having spent many years in the Defence Industry. Dogs have long been in her family with her Aunty who was a multi award winning breeder of pure bred Otterhounds and long term Master of the the Minkhounds. Liz gained her knowledge of nutrition trying to find out what was wrong with her own dogs and realised there was something missing in the Market and this is where Grovely was born.

Suzannah Marshall

Head of Buying
07587 173482

Suzannah has been with us almost from the beginning. She is a loving dog owner and will often be seen in the shop with little Rosco. Suzannah became Grovely Pets Manager within 6 months of joining the team after showing a strong interest in helping us grow the business and has now progressed onto Head of Buying. Having passed all her Nutritional Qualifications, she has grown into a one stop shop for both our team and also you.

Dave Chislett

Managing Director
07711 490776

Dave's career has been a bit different to what you might imagine. He served in the Royal Navy for 24 years during which time he served in Gulf War 1 & 2, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. He retired from the RN in December 2010 before moving into the Forklift Sales industry. It was during this time, he assisted Liz where he could as she created Grovely Pets. In November 2014, he made the move full time into Grovely Pets to help grow its empire. Now fully established in the business, he and Liz have achieved in opening 3 shops and have created a great team around them. Dave is always happy to chat and help you with any issues you may have.

Team Alton

Jodie West

Pet Nutrition Advisor
Alton Shop - 01420 549697

Jodie joined our Alton shop team from the beginning. Having worked in the previous shop, she knew many of our lovely customers. She has a strong passion for the small animals especially rabbits, but is happy to advise you about everything else too. Jodie is also a RAW food expert

Katherine Stephens

Alton Store Manager
Alton Shop - 01420 549697

Katherine joined our team in 2018 as has become a real asset to the team. She came with lots of knowledge to pass on and is also a RAW Food Expert. Whilst with us she has taken her Canine Nutrition Diploma. Katherine is also heavily into her horses too, so is happy to pass on her equine knowledge as well as cats & dogs.

Abi Ferrabee

Pet Nutrition Advisor
Alton Shop - 01420 549697

Abi is the newest member of the Alton team having joined in June 2020. She came to us with a love of animals, having 2 dogs, 2 cats and fish she has quite the house full. Abi very quickly gained her nutritional and product knowledge and is working towards her Diploma in K9 Nutrition. Abi is now also a regular in our Winchester store too.

Team Brock

Anne Mills

Pet Nutrition Advisor
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Anne joined us pretty much from the opening of our Brock shop. Having worked with children before, she found she had a steep learning curve, but took on the challenge and has become another valued asset to our team having passed all over K9 Nutritional qualifications. She is also a qualified RAW expert and is always happy to answer your questions

Melissa de Leon Kennedy

Pet Nutrition Advisor
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Melissa is a local lady who joined our team in October 18. She has successfully qualified and has become another RAW food expert. Being a keen Spaniel lover, she knows only too well what is required to keep them in check and also in good health. Melissa is always happy to help you make the right choice for your furbaby. As of February 2020, Melissa has now become a casual worker, so you will only see her from time to time

Sam Welch

Acting Store Manager
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Sam Is our newest member to the Brockenhurst team,and has taken to it like a duck to water. He completed all of his qualifications before his start date!(yes he is very keen). He is a qualified Expert RAW advisor and is working towards his Diploma in K9 nutrition, He has just been promoted to Acting Store Manager, so wish him luck

Holly Marshall

Pet Nutrition Advisor
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Holly has worked with us for the past couple of years as a weekend part timer whist she was at school. She is now a more regular face in Brock. She has done her RAW food training and is working on other qualifications now too. She is a valued team member and is alway happy to chat with you.

Team Winch

Hope Roberts

Store Manager
Winchester Shop - 01962 877544

Hope joined us in December 2020 brining with her a wealth of knowledge having worked in the pet industry for many years. She has plenty of information on small animals and grooming too which she would be happy to pass onto you. Hope brings with her (as well as her extensive knowledge) a big smile and a cheerly personality. Hope is regularly accompanied with Abi from our Alton store, so can be sure to get some good gossip :)