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Product Description

This Clinically-proven mineral powder for Dogs Cats Rabbits Guinea Pigs and other small furries (geological nanomaterial) that when given orally in small amounts 2-4 times daily has been shown to control diarrhoea that has been unresponsive to conventional treatments. It is natural - heat sterilized clay of the Bentonite mineral category. Recommended use : One scoop or 1/8 tspn per 5kgs in weight four times daily with food or liquid and syringed. For long term maintenance and control of chronic diarrhoea once the stools have responded to the administration of the powder which may take between 24 and 96 hours give 1 scoop twice daily. In some rare cases the doseage may need to be slightly higher to improve product efficiency and your pet will not risk any adverse affects from this.

-To support Acute Diarrhoea caused from Infection - Antibiotic-associated diarrhoea - Bacterial - Toxicosis - Chemotherapy - Inflammatory bowel disease - Giardiasis - Colitis - Aflatoxicosis - Leaky Gut Syndrome.
-Can be used safely for long or short term use to support conditions.
-For Dogs Cats Rabbits Guinea pigs and other small furries.

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