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Pettex Cat Litter 20kg

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Product Description

Pettex Cat Litter is made from pure grey fuller’s earth, which is a natural sedimentary deposit laid down millions of years ago, which are often called heavyweight or grey. It's a natural clay product, that is unrivaled in its ability to control odours. It doesn't need any chemical additives or scents to disguise bad smells because it is a 100 per cent natural deodoriser.

Each granule holds moisture up to 125% its own weight and will react with, and neutralise ammonia.

Unlike other cat litters, pettex cat litter absorbs instantly, locking in liquids and preventing them from spreading and soaking the whole litter tray. It will form a solid lump when soiled and these clumps can be removed easily with a scoop, leaving clean fresh litter in the tray making this product very economical.

This Pettex cat litter is completely harmless to both animals and humans which means that it can be used with complete confidence.


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