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Dicky Bag

Dicky Bag Blue Flower

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Product Description

Walking your dog is one of life's many pleasures but can be tainted with one huge downside; clearing up and transporting smelly dog waste to a bin. This is always unpredictable and usually miles from a bin! With a Dicky Bag™ you will always be prepared and have all you need to enjoy your walk again.

The Dicky Bag™ is a carrier, with odour prevention devices, to put those awkward plastic bags containing dog's poop in until you get to an appropriate disposal point - leaving your hands free and prevents inappropriate dumping of plastic bags of dog waste in the town or countryside.

A lightweight neoprene bag, sealed to make it completely air tight. Clipped onto your belt and with a bespoke air freshener to mask any smells, it provides the ideal carrier for your poop bags. Not only is it practical it is also stylish and comes in a number of colours and sizes.

Once you have used one you would not imagine being without it.

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