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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks (Igneous Rock)

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Product Description

An all natural product of Australia. When placed in your dogs water bowl they may help to reduce those nasty burn patches caused by your loving pet taking a pee. Information about Dog Rocks: Dog Rocks are made from naturally occuring paramagnetic igneous rock which is known to increase Boron, Barium, Mangenese and Strontium while decreasing tin levels in water. Being a natural product, Dog Rocks may vary in size and properties. There are no known harmfull effects on dogs through use of Dog Rocks where Directions for Use are followed. However, if your dog has a reaction to Dog Rocks, please stop use immediately. Dog Rocks are only for use as stated.

Directions for use:
1. Remove all the Dog Rocks from the pack and rinse
2. Place no more than 2 litres of water in your dogs bowl
3. Add all rinsed Dog Rocks from the pack into your dogs water bowl.

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