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Grovely Naturals

Grovely Naturals Fermented Vegetables White Cabbage

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Grovely Naturals an ancient recipe for the modern dog

Grovely Naturals: What’s behind it

Grovely Naturals is something new. Actually not quite that new. The process of fermentation has a tradition of a few thousand years.

What is fermentation?

During the process of fermentation organic material (vegetables, grains, tea, coffee etc.) is getting transformed by microorganism (bacteria, fungus, or protozoon). In the case of Grovely Naturals it’s a fermentation with lactose bacteria. The sugar/glucose is getting converted into lactic acid. The vegetables become acid and agents like (fungus, bad bacteria etc.) are getting destroyed. This gives fermented vegetables a long shelf life. After about 6 weeks the lactose bacteria have consumed all sugar and enter a state of hibernation until they receive more sugar.

What are lactose bacteria and what do they do in living organisms?

Bacteria can be found everywhere. Best known are the bad bacteria that make you sick. But there are also good bacteria. An adult human has about 2kg of bacteria in his bowel. If your gut microflora is out of balance you can feel bad and develop allergies and intolerances over time.

Lactose bacteria belong to the good bacteria and should be present in big numbers in a healthy bowel. They support a good digestion and strengthen the immune system. They have a so called probiotic effect. Lactose bacteria are getting killed at temperatures of 60°C and above.  For that reason Grovely Naturals is not pasteurised and contains lots of lactose bacteria.

The gut microflora does many good thing

 It makes sure nutrients are getting digested and utilised

  • It produces essential vitamins
  • It protects the bowel from contamination
  • It keeps viruses, bad bacteria and fungus from the intestinal mucosa and prevents infections
  • It supports immune cells so they can fight germs more effectively
  • It supports the growth of the intestinal mucosa

What does pro-and prebiotic mean?

Food is called probiotic when it contains bacteria like lactose bacteria that support digestion.

Prebiotics are indigestible parts of the food and help growing and support the good bacteria in the colon.

Grovely Naturals is both pro-and prebiotic

What kind of dogs should eat Grovely Naturals?

Basically every dog will benefit when eating Grovely Naturals. The only exception are dogs with kidney problems. Grovely Naturals contains small amounts of salt that’s needed for the fermentation process.

Grovely Naturals reduces tartar. The good bacteria and its high content of vitamins supports the immune system. There are numerous indications if there is something wrong with the digestion- or immune system Diarrhea, knot dung, allergies, intolerances, feeding of inappropriate things like dung of other dogs or too much grass etc. Or if dogs behave strange, are overweight, have metabolism sickness, hyperacidity (Grovely Naturals has a basic effect on the body), parasite infestation, deficiency syndrome or frequent infections just to name a few.

Through the fermentation process Grovely Naturals is like predigested. The strong cell structures of the vegetables are broken up. There is no need to cook or purée the vegetables. Some parts of Grovely Naturals will still not be digested and give it its prebiotic effect. Dogs with pancreatic problems will particularly appreciate Grovely Naturals.

What does Grovely Naturals contain?

Grovely Naturals is all natural and has human food quality. The vegetables are washed thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Then the vegetables are getting pickled in Sauerkraut juice for a few weeks. That’s it. The secret weapon of Grovely Naturals are the lactose bacteria and the vitamins that sprout on the vegetables. Not only the vegetables contain lots of good lactose bacteria but also the juice is full of them. For that reason the juice should also be fed. Grovely Naturals contains no seasoning except for small amounts of salt. No artificial preservatives or flavor enhancers are present. Grovely Naturals contains loads of vitamins and is very low in calories.

What are the differences of the Grovely Naturals vegetables?

Every variety of Grovely Naturals is sour and flavorsome. ROTCHRUT is pretty sour, RÜEBLI a bit bitterer. In regards to digestion there are also differences. But they depend very much on the individual dog. Grovely Naturals has human food quality so it can easily be tasted by any dog owner: Enjoy!

 How much should I feed?

We recommend one table spoon of Grovely Naturals per day per 10kg weight. But you have to start a bit slowly as it takes a while for the digestive system to get used to this vast amount of good bacteria. You can easily just add Grovely Naturals to the dry, wet dogfood or BARF portion. For BARF feeders up to 100% of the vegetables can be replaced with Grovely Naturals. It makes very much sense to feed Grovely Naturals regularly rather than just occasionally as the digestive system is in constant need for more good bacteria. Especially after an antibiotics treatment Grovely Naturals can assist greatly in the regeneration of the microflora in the digestive system.

For very hungry dogs Grovely Naturals is also a great low calorie alternative.

Our field tests generally show that dogs prefer Grovely Naturals to ordinary vegetables. But every dog is different and sometimes it takes a while for your dog to get used to the slightly exotic taste. If that is the case just start slowly and increase the portion over time.

Other dogs will favor their food portion “con Grovely Naturals” very much over without.

 How long can you keep Grovely Naturals?

Every pouch of Grovely Naturals has an expiry date. In principal fermented vegetables can be keep for a very long time when they are stored in a dark and cool place. Grovely Naturals contains living organisms which react with outside factors. If it’s left on the open sun, many vitamins will be lost. If it gets too warm the lactose bacteria could start working again and the pouch will inflate. We recommend cool and dark storage in order to guarantee that Grovely Naturals keeps its very high quality over months. Storage in a cellar or in the fridge is recommended. After the pouch is opened, Grovely Naturals should be stored in a fridge and consumed within 5 days.

Each Pouch is 330g

Composition :

White Cabage, Sauerkraut Juice, Salt

Analytical Constituents:

crude protein 0.9%, crude fat 0.1%, crude fibre 1.4%, crude ash 0.6%, moisture 92.1%

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