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Keyflow Pink Mash

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Product Description

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The Keyflow Pink Mash is the wonder food for horses prone to problems in the hindgut area. This feed is free from molasses and cereal and low in starch and sugar and can be fed to horses and ponies suffering from laminitis as well as older horses and ponies, bare foots, racehorses, performance horses, stallions, broodmares, youngstock and horses at risk of gastric and digestive upset.

It is reinforced with goodies such as linseed which is high in Omega 3 fatty acids to improve skin and coat condition and also beetroot which increases blood flow to generate increased energy within the muscles and to give this mash its pink tinge. Protexin has also been added to encourage good flora for a healthy gut and prebiotics to promote friendly bacteria in the hindgut.

The Mash contains no added vitamins or minerals and is safe to add to your horse's normal daily diet without the risk of imbalance. It can be fed to partially replace hay or haylage. It is vital that this mash is soaked in cold water for about ten minutes which will help hydrate your horse especially in circumstances such as after exercise or travel.

This amazing, highly digestible food does what it says on the package; it is beneficial and superbly palatable for horses with hindgut problems. Don't be without Keyflow Pink Mash in your larder of equine goodies.

  • Add to the daily diet to support exceptional hind gut health
  • No added vitamins and minerals so safe to feed with any diet without risk of imbalance
  • Soaks in only 5-10 minutes - feed within 2 hours after soaking to ensure maximum benefit
  • Added micronised linseed
  • Contains high levels of Protexin® Probiotics to restore beneficial microflora in the hind gut for more efficient fibre conversion
  • Added prebiotics to selectively target and remove unwanted bacteria
  • Extremely low in sugar and starch, laminitis and barefoot friendly
  • Ideal for horses prone to digestive upset and horses that struggle to maintain and build condition
  • Can be fed as partial hay/forage replacement
  • Hydrating, can be used during and after travel to restore hydration 

Perfect for:

  • All horses as a healthy addition of fibre without sugar
  • All horses as a hind gut health boost
  • Extremely palatable so can be used to encourage eating
  • Horses prone to ulcers
  • Horses sensitive to starch 
  • Horses and ponies with laminitis 

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