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Verm-X Dog Pellets 200g

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Product Description

Verm-X Pellets for Dogs is a powerful formulation which is an addition to the hugely popular exisiting range of Verm-X for Dogs including the Crunchies and the Liquid. As well as the natural and effective control of intestinal hygiene, the herbal ingredients in the Verm-X formulation provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements that contribute to overall health and well being. The new Pellets are designed to be mixed whole, or crushed into a daily feed ration for three consecutive days each and every month, providing the same powerful protection as the other products in the Verm-X range.

How much and how often do I feed Verm-X Pellets to my Dog?
Small breeds: Feed one 10g scoop per day
Medium breeds: Feed two 10g scoops per day
Large breeds: Feed three 10g scoops per day
Repeat for 3 consecutive days each and every month.
Mix whole or crushed into daily feed ration. 

Available in 1 Size: 200g
200g will last one small breed dog over 6 months.
Each pack has a 10g scoop enclosed.
More pack sizes will be available soon!

Verm-X Dog Pellets Composition: Micronised Sugar Beet pulp, Hempseed meal, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Garlic, Common Thyme, Nettle, Cleavers, Fennel, Peppermint, Slippery Elm, Quassia, Dextrose, Cayenne, Sunflower Oil.

Verm-X Dog Pellets: 1 small dog requires 30g per month, 1 medium dog requires 60g per month, 1 large dog requires 90g per month.

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