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Rogues Gallery

All the pictures shown are from our wonderful customers. As you can see, we have many animals of all ages and breeds, and they are all flourishing on the excellent food they are eating. Please send us pictures of your pets and we will add them accordingly.


This little fella is called Snatch and he is a wonderful Staffie who enjoys his mixture of Arden Grange Senior which helps to keep his weight off and aid his elderly joints and Forthglade Pâté. He has a lovely glossy coat which gets him lots of attention. one of his favourite treats are the dried liver treats.



Meet Bruce, he's a Patterdale/ Lab X and has been a happy customer from a young pup. He started off with Arden Grange Puppy and is now enjoying the various flavours of Arden Grange adult. How chilled does he look on that step:)


Marley is one of our adorable feline customers. He is a happy little chappie and loves his diet of the award winning Arden Grange Adult cat food. His favourite flavour is Chicken


Meet Max, he is one our handsome GSD's and is thriving on Arden Grange Large Breed Adult and mixed flavours of Forthglade. This food is helping maintain a wonderfully thick, soft coat that shines beautifully in the sun. He is always happy when his mum puts down his bowl for feeding time


Say Hi to Sydney the Rottie, who is sporting one of our wax jackets. He too loves the Espho Wrap rawhide chew, but his daily diet is Arden Grange Senior. His coat turned into a beautiful shine soft coat not long after his diet was changed


Everyone say hello to Nelson, he has just celebrated his 2nd Birthday. His diet is Eden Holistic Food (medium Kibble) and Forthglade mixed flavours. His favourite treat is Venison Ears!!!!


This picture was taken back in November and Bentley is now growing into a wonderful dog, not that he's ever been a bad dog that is lol. We had some issues with his sensitive tummy but have now settled on Devoted Grain Free diet and he is loving it. He's a real Cutie too


Dixie is a lovely Yellow Labrador who's favourite treat is the Espho wrapped Rawhide treat. His diet is Arden Grange and he loves it