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Liz Chislett-Milne

07736 877476

Liz founded the business in 2012 following her passion having served in the Royal Navy and then spent 20 years in the Defence Industry. Passion for dogs have long been in her family with her Aunty who was a multi award winning breeder of pure bred Otterhounds and long term Master of the Minkhounds. Liz gained her knowledge of nutrition through study and market research whilst trying to find out what was wrong with her own dogs. She soon realised there was something seriously wrong with the pet trade and its misleading approach to diet, and nutrition.  Grovely was born and she is proud to head up a team to have helped over a thousand dogs and cats over the years, live new lives under better education of their owners and their new diet.

Dave Chislett

Managing Director
07711 490776

Dave's career has been a bit different to what you might imagine. He served in the Royal Navy for 24 years during which time he served in Gulf War 1 & 2, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. He retired from the RN in December 2010 before moving into the Forklift Sales industry. It was during this time, he assisted Liz where he could as she created Grovely Pets. In November 2014, he made the move full time into Grovely Pets to help grow its empire. Now fully established in the business, he and Liz have achieved in opening 4 shops and have created a great team around them. Dave is always happy to chat and help you with any issues you may have.

Jess Stannard

Head of Group Operations

Jess joined the team in March 2023 as Store Manager for our Brockenhurst store having spent her working life in the pet industry working for many well known retailers in various positions. She has come with a wealth of knowledge, and whilst studying a degree in Biology, she completed her Diploma in Canine Nutrition and a Diploma in Feline Nutrition. 2024 is a new year and we are thrilled to have promoted her to a new role in the company as Head of Group Operations. 

Team Alton

Chloe Worby

Alton Store Manager/Head of Internet Sales
Alton Shop - 01420 549697

Chloe Joined Grovely December 2022. She has come to us with a wealth of knowledge having worked in this industry for most of her career. She has quickly got to grips with the role and her team and is really moving the store forward.

Jodie West

Pet Nutrition Advisor
Alton Shop - 01420 549697

Jodie joined our Alton shop team from the beginning. Having worked in the previous shop, she knew many of our lovely customers. She has a strong passion for the small animals especially rabbits, but is happy to advise you about everything else too. Jodie is also a RAW food expert.

Lisa Chubb

Pet Nutrition Advisor 
Alton Shop - 01420 549697

Lisa joined the team having been a customer for many years. She has managed to get herself up to speed with Nutrition and is happy to help you find the right feed/snack for your furbaby. You will often see her with her bouncy spaniel, Bentley, who has been a shop dog since a puppy and is a firm favorite with our Alton customers.

Kat Stephens

Fdsc, Dip.Canine Nutrigenomics
Grovely Canine and Feline Nutritionist
Work Mob: 07754552351

Kat started her pet nutrition journey at Harper Adams University, studying Animal Management where she became interested in educating people about healthier alternatives for their animals. Since joining Grovely in 2018 she has undertaken Diplomas in Canine Nutrition, Canine Holistic Health and Therapy and Canine Nutrigenomics. In 2022 she became our Grovely Pet Nutritionist and you now often see her between all the stores running consults and consulting on more diet complex issues. Kat has experience working with local Vets, Physiotherapists and Hydro Therapists to find the right diet to allow your companions to thrive.

Team Brock


Becca Read

Store Manager
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Becca joined in November 2023 as a Nutritional Advisor, bringing with her a wealth of retail experience from John Lewis. In January 2024, she was promoted to Store Manager utlising her retail expertise. She has completed her RAW food expert and is undertaking her Diploma in Nutrition. She is the proud fur-mum to the beautiful Corgi, Pumpkin, who joined the team as shop dog & chief taste tester in December 2023.

Meg Usherwood

Nutritional Advisor
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Meg joined in December 2023 moving to us all the way from Kent! She has a real passion for nutrition having spent the last few years working in the pet and veterinary industries, and before that, completing a degree in Animal Science. She has a weak spot for Black Labradors having grown up with them always in her family home.

Recruiting Now

Nutritional Advisor
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

Due to promotions we are now recruiting - fancy joining the team?


Nutritional Advisor
Brockenhurst Shop - 01590 633212

not recruiting at this time.

Team Winch

Sarah Barnard

Store Manager
Winchester Shop - 01962 877544

Sarah joined the Winchester team in October 2023 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge having worked locally as a veterinary nurse. Sarah grew up with having dogs in the house and her interest in pet health grew from there. She is rapidly learning in the world of pet nutrition and has enjoyed getting to know all the Winchester customers.

Abi Ferrabee

Part Time Nutritional Advisor
Winchester Store - 01962 877544

Abi joined the Grovely Pets team in 2020 and has worked in and managed both the Winchester and Alton team. In December 2022, Abi had her beautiful baby girl and has returned to the Winchester part time after maternity leave. At home she has 2 dogs, Angus and Marbles, who both enjoy product testing and modelling for facebook pictures for us!

Ellie Mason

Saturday Assistant
Winchester Store - 01962 877544

Ellie joined the team in 2022 and has been a keen and enthusiastic team player since she arrived. As well as carrying out her normal Saturday chores, she has become very efficient with the EPOS system and is liked by the customers too. Her knowledge of products is ever growing, and her dog is a frequent taste tester of new items in. 

Team Tidworth


Hollie Tucker

Acting Store Manager
Tidworth Shop - 01980 880165

Hollie joined the team in May 2023 and has been a keen and enthusiastic team player since. She has completed all of her nutritional courses and is a Raw Expert. She is the proud mum to two beautiful kids and to Meg and Hunter, her two Springer Spaniels who are in the shop with her gaining their own fan base. She is passionate for nutrition and animals and joined us after being a customer when we first opened. She really enjoys helping Tidworth and the rest of the group grow as she is also our Social Media expert

Recruiting Now

Nutritional Advisor
Tidworth Shop - 01980 880165

Please apply in store


Sasha Minoudis

Saturday Assistant
Tidworth Shop - 01980 880165