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Survive or Thrive

Date: 23 August 2022  |  Author: Katherine Stephens

Hi everyone, firstly I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Katherine, and I am the Nutritionist here at Grovely Pets. I have spent the last 4 years with Grovely and first became interested in canine nutrition whilst at university studying Animal Management. During my first year we had our...

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Is Your Dog Microchipped?

Date: 02 February 2016  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: dogslawmicrochipmicrochippingpuppy

Are you aware that from 6th April 2016 it will be compulsory in England to have all dogs microchipped? Photo courtesy of Already the case in Northern Ireland, the rest of the UK will soon be set to follow suit. The chances are that your dog is already chipped,...

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We wish you a Merry (and safe) Christmas...

Date: 16 December 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: accident & emergencycatschristmasdogspoisonswinter

This time of year is a cause for family time, celebration and over-indulgence. But with all this excess food in the house are you aware which could be particularly hazardous to your pets?   Grapes/raisins: that includes any items that contain these ingredients, such as Christmas cake and mince pies....

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Are you Aware of Antibiotics?

Date: 27 November 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: antibioticsresistance

Many of you may not be aware, but last week was World Antibiotic Awareness Week. The aim of the week was to increase awareness of the growing problem of antibiotic resistance, in an effort to promote best practice and avoid emergence of new and aggressive strains of resistant bacteria. Antimicrobial resistance...

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Winter time......

Date: 14 November 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: catsdogsguinea pigsosteoarthritisrabbitswinter

As winter nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, we need to give a little extra thought for our furry friends. They don't exactly need Hunter wellies and a new Barbour jacket (although I'm sure there are a fair few sporting these this season...!) but a few changes...

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Remember remember your pet this November

Date: 26 October 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: anxietybehaviourfireworks

It’s that time of year again – Halloween, bonfire night, parties, fireworks.... But not every animal is joining in on the fun. For some of our pets, noisy fireworks can be a source of extreme stress and terror. It is worth thinking about and implementing certain supportive mechanisms to help...

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The Yellow Dog Project

Date: 09 October 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: anxietybehaviour

My son Joseph, Dave the dog and I went to support my husband Chris run a half marathon at Blenheim Palace on the weekend. After the mist cleared the sun came out and we had a lovely day. The grounds were packed with spectators, many of which brought along their...

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Children and pets

Date: 23 September 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: behaviourchildren

I was told about an incident that occurred the other day when one of my 4 year old nieces was cuddling one of the family dogs unsupervised and a growl/bark was heard from the other room. It didn’t go any further than that, the child skipped happily away and the...

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It's harvest time!

Date: 08 September 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: healthparasitesskin

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. My husband, baby Joseph and I, with of course Dave the dog, have just come back from a lovely few days in Wales. Here we are having a rest by one of the lakes half way up Snowdon. Whilst it’s back to...

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Have you got a jet setting pet?

Date: 01 September 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: travel

It's never been easier to take your pet abroad, with the help of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS). As long as your dog, cat or ferret has a legitimate passport, he or she can travel between EU 'listed countries' (see DEFRA website) and the UK without the need for quarantine....

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Watch out, adders about....

Date: 25 August 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: accident & emergencyhealth

The adder is Britain's only venomous snake, and is widespread in the New Forest, found mostly in heath-land and rough grassland. It is clearly identified by the distinctive dark zigzag pattern running along it's back. Photo courtesy of Adder bites most often happen on a warm sunny day when the snake...

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Tummy bugs galore!

Date: 19 August 2015  |  Author: Holly Sadler

Tags: diarrhoeahealthvomiting

Gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea) is very common in dogs and cats and has a variety of causes, just like in people. Bacterial, viral and allergic are just some of the potential causes, but by far the most common is dietary indiscretion - your pet has simply eaten something it shouldn't...

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